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Translate: cantar, dibujar, hablar
a) sing, dance, talk
b) talk, sing, draw
c) draw, sing, say
d) speak, sing, demonstrate

Conjugate: You and your mom clean
a) Limpio
b) Limpian
c) Limpias
d) Limpia

Translate: No bailo bien , ni canto bien
a) She does not sing nor dance well
b) I do not dance nor sing well
c) I do dance and sing well
d) We do not sing and dance well

Conjugate: to dance (the teacher and I)
a) bailan
b) bailamos
c) bailo
d) ella baila

Translate: El viernes, yo escribo la tarea
a) On Monday I write the homework
b) On Thursday I write the homework
c) On Friday I write the homework
d) On Sunday I write the homwork

Conjugate: dar (the boy)
a) doy
b) das
c) da
d) dan

Yo tengo cinco brazos
a) I have 50 arms
b) I have 5 braces
c) I have 5 arms
d) I have 15 arms

Conjugate: Susi and her friends swim
a) nado
b) nadas
c) nadais
d) nadan

Como se dice: trabajar
a) to work
b) to paint
c) to play
d) hardwroker

Translate: escuchar, pintar
a) paint and execute
b) paint and write
c) listen and dance
d) listen and paint

Translate:: lavan
a) I wash
b) the boys wash
c) we clean
d) they boys clean

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