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Famous green gemstone used by the ancient Chinese
a) Jade
b) Mercury
c) Sapphire
d) Ruby

These use the sun to tell time
a) Seismograph
b) Sundial
c) Accupuncture
d) Diffusion

The use of small needles in the body’s pressure points to relieve pain
a) Acupuncture
b) Mercury Therapy
c) Blood Letting
d) Standardization

A 4,000 mile long trade route stretching from China to the Mediterranean Sea
a) The Great Wall
b) The Silk Road
c) The Gold Route
d) The Xian Highway

A protective barrier running along China’s northern border
a) The Silk Road
b) The Mausoleum of Shi Huangdi
c) The Berlin Wall
d) The Great Wall

A 250 year civil war towards the end of the Zhou Dynasty
a) The Legalist Wars
b) The Chinese Revolution
c) The Warring States
d) The Mongolian Wars

The toxic metal that Shi Huangdhi drank
a) Arsenic
b) Mercury
c) Lead
d) Uranium

What the 1000's of clay soldiers from Shi Huangdi’s tomb are called
a) The Terra Cotta Army
b) The Jade Army
c) The Emperors Guard
d) The Silent Soldiers of Xi'an

The famous fabric/clothing of ancient China
a) Cotton
b) Silk
c) Polyester
d) Wool

Bones that were heated and their cracks were used to predict the future were called...
a) Cowry Shells
b) The Terra Cotta Shells
c) Oracle Bones
d) The Tarim Basin Bones

The famous bow-like weapon used by Chinese Soldiers
a) The Catapult
b) The Ballista
c) The Kopesh
d) The Crossbow

This man is China's 1st Emperor
a) Lui Bang
b) Emperor Wudi
c) Shi Huangdi
d) Yu the Great

This is the longest river of China
a) Yellow River
b) Yangtze River
c) The Xi River
d) The Taklamakan

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