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Vocabulary - to leave or withdraw from an organization or country
a) Secede
b) Tariff
c) Desert
d) Compromise

I am the the forced removal of Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Indian Territory in 1838.
a) Gold Rush
b) Proclamation of 1763
c) Trail of Tears
d) Louisiana Purchase

What was the name of the Supreme Court decision that said the Natives could NOT be forced from their land?
a) Worcester v. Georgia
b) Dred Scott v. Sandford
c) Marbury v. Madison
d) Mcculloch v. Maryland

I am the event in which South Carolina said it could nullify any law it wants(And would leave the nation if they cannot).
a) Worcester v. Georgia
b) Trail of Tears
c) Nullification Crisis
d) Civil War

What kind of rights did Jackson expand during his time as president? (hint-suffrage)
a) Voting
b) Women's
c) African - American
d) Speech and Religion

Why did Andrew Jackson not like the bank?
a) He felt it favored the poor
b) He felt it favored the Natives
c) He felt it favored the Slaves
d) He felt it favored the wealthy

I invented the telegraph and Morse Code. Who am I?
a) Samuel Morse
b) Eli Whitney
c) Robert Fulton
d) Benjamin Franklin

I am a type of economy in which people are free to buy, sell, and produce whatever they want.
a) Free Enterprise
b) Tariffs
c) Monarchy
d) Mercantilism

Name the immigrant group who came to the U.S. because of a potato famine in their home country.
a) Czech
b) Italians
c) Irish
d) Germans

What did the economy in the South depend on?
a) Slavery
b) Factories
c) Steamboats
d) Railroads

Who was known as the conductor of the Underground Railroad?
a) Sacagawea
b) Harriet Tubman
c) Sojourner Truth
d) Martha Washington

I am the invention which increased communication in the United States through a system of wires located mostly in the North.
a) Telegraph
b) Telephone
c) Erie Canal
d) Steamboat

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