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What Region of the U.S. had many rivers and streams and was perfect for the growth of factories during the Industrial Revolution?
a) New England
b) Middle
c) Southern
d) Atlantic

What ERA is known as the change from hand-made to machine made
a) New Republic
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Industrial Revolution
d) Manifest Destiny

I Invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts. Who am I?
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) Eli Whitney
c) Robert Fulton
d) Samuel Morse

What Region of the U.S. had large amounts of land and plantations and was perfect for the growth of cash crops and slavery?
a) New England
b) Middle
c) Southern
d) Atlantic

I Invented the steamboat. Who Am I?
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) Samuel Morse
c) Eli Whitney
d) Robert Fulton

Name the man made waterway in New York which connected the Midwest to the East and sped up trade and travel.
a) Erie Canal
b) Roads and Turnpikes
c) Railroads
d) Steamboats

Vocabulary. What is another word for textile?
a) Boat
b) Travel
c) Cloth / Clothing
d) Cash Crop

What was the nickname of the beginning of Monroe's presidency (time period) because we had just won the War of 1812? Yeah 'merica!
a) Era of Good Feelings
b) Era of Industrial Revolution
c) Era of Andrew Jackson
d) Era of Manifest Destiny

I am the creator of the American System and the Missouri Compromise. Who Am I?
a) George Washington
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) Eli Whitney
d) Henry Clay

Vocabulary - Define - Tax on imported (stuff brought in to the U.S.) goods.
a) Law
b) Tariff
c) Textile
d) Cotton Gin

I am a compromise which established A balance of power between free and slave states, and established what territories would be open to slavery later on
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Great Compromise
c) 3/5ths Compromise
d) Andrew Jackson Compromise

Who was the Monroe Doctrine directed towards?
a) America
b) Latin America
c) Asia
d) Europe

What did the Monroe Doctrine state?
a) That America could no longer colonize Europe
b) That slavery should stay in the South
c) That Europe can no longer colonize in the AMERICAS (North and South/Latin) anymore.
d) That more factories should be established in the North

I am the territory which was annexed after many years of independence and was one of the reasons for the U.S. Mexican War.
a) Texas
b) Oregon
c) Mexican Cession
d) Gadsden Purchase

I am the reason that many people traveled to California in 1849 in hopes of striking it rich.
a) Silver
b) Slavery
c) Football
d) Gold

I am a religious group who traveled out to Utah to escape religious persecution in the East.
a) Puritans
b) Mormons
c) Catholics
d) Baptists

I am the territory gained AFTER the U.S. Mexican War in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.
a) Texas
b) Oregon
c) Mexican Cession
d) Gadsden Purchase

I am the president known for my aggressive Manifest Destiny policies and encouraged the invasion of disputed territory in Texas.
a) Polk
b) Jackson
c) Washington
d) Lincoln

I am the territory bought for the purpose of completing the transcontinental railroad.
a) Oregon
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Mexican Cession
d) Louisiana Purchase

Vocabulary - rewarding political supporters with government jobs (Jackson)
a) Spoils System
b) Republicanism
c) Democracy
d) Slavery

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