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Which type of volcano is the largest?
a) shield
b) composite
c) stratovolano
d) cinder one

Which of the following would cause lava to have a higher viscosity?
a) high silica content
b) low silica content
c) high temperature
d) gravity

Which of the following is lava that hardens with sharp jagged edges?
a) aa
b) pahoehoe
c) cinder cone
d) lahar

Which type of pyroclastic material is the smallest?
a) ash
b) bombs
c) lapilli
d) cinder cones

Which of the following is a layered volcano?
a) cinder cone
b) lahar
c) composite
d) shield

Where would you find the most volcanoes?
a) plate boundaries
b) middle of plates
c) arctic circle
d) Anarctica

Which of the following is a depression that forms when magma retreats?
a) crater
b) lahar
c) cinder cone
d) mud slide

Which of the following was the volcano that erupted in the US in 1980?
a) Mt. St. Helens
b) Blue Ridge Mountains
c) Pompei
d) Mt. Ranier

What type of rock forms when lava hardens?
a) extrusive igneous
b) intrusive igneous
c) granitic
d) metamorphic

What type of boundary forms volcanic island arcs?
a) convergent ocean- ocean
b) divergent ocean-ocean
c) convergent ocean continental
d) convergent continental continental

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