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What was tickling LiLi's face when he was in the basement?
a) monsters
b) Jack
c) Jack's mom
d) cobwebs

What is something stuffed animals CAN'T do?
a) love
b) run away
c) sleep with you
d) go places with you

Why couldn't LiLi fall asleep when he ran away to the basement?
a) he was having nightmares
b) Jack's mom was being really loud
c) he was not with Jack
d) he was with Jack

When did LiLi become the most magical in the story?
a) on the basement floor
b) next to Jack's bed
c) when he was with Jack
d) all of the above

What was the conflict of the story?
a) Jack getting LiLi
b) LiLi spending time with Jack
c) Jack going sledding
d) LiLi feeling unwanted

How was Jack feeling when he spoke to LiLi at the beginning of the story?
a) as if he was really listening
b) sad that the animal couldn't hear him
c) mad that he doesn't understand him
d) frustrated and upset

How did LiLi feel when Jack did not bring him into bed?
a) excited to go to sleep
b) happy
c) loved
d) unwanted

Where was LiLi when Jack was playing in the snow?
a) in the basement
b) at his friend's house
c) in Jack's room
d) in the bathroom

Why do you think Jack forgot about LiLi?
a) he was snacking
b) he was getting older
c) he liked another stuffed animal
d) he thought he was lost

How do you know the genre of the story?
a) little boys don't have stuffed animals
b) stuffed animals can't run away
c) stuffed animals can run away
d) little boys love stuffed animals

What is the problem in the story?
a) LiLi doesn't feel loved
b) LiLi is hungry
c) LiLi needs a bath
d) LiLi is scared

What time of year does the story take place?
a) summer
b) winter
c) spring
d) fall

What is the genre of the story?
a) expository text
b) non fiction
c) fiction
d) fable

When did Jack first meet his furry friend?
a) His Birthday
b) Halloween
c) Christmas
d) Easter

Why did LiLi have trouble running away?
a) He didn't have a backpack
b) He couldn't walk
c) He couldn't reach the door
d) Mom and Dad were still awake

What was LiLi's mood after running away?
a) sad and scared
b) happy but scared
c) frightened only
d) annoyed

What was something that LiLi and Jack did not do together?
a) color
b) watch tv
c) play chess
d) go for car rides

Where was LiLi when Jack was getting ready for bed?
a) kitchen
b) bathroom
c) basement
d) Jack's room

Where does the story take place?
a) The mall
b) School
c) Jack's home
d) The garage

Who are the main characters in the story?
a) LiLi and Jack
b) Oj ChiChi
c) Jack
d) ChiChi and Jake

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