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Name an invention that has made your life easier.
a) clock
b) automobile
c) alarm clock
d) pencil

Name one invention in the communication category that helped people.
a) Telegram
b) Telephone
c) Telegraph
d) Siri

Name one invention in the farming category that helped make people's lives easier.
a) clock
b) automobile
c) threasher
d) reaper

Who was forced from eastern lands to the west on the Trail of Tears?
a) Colonist
b) Immigrants
c) Cherokee nation
d) Fisherman

Name one invention in the Transportation category that helped people.
a) Steamboat
b) Trains
c) Subway
d) Horses

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
a) America
b) Britain
c) South America
d) France

What are primary sources?
a) a book with an index in the back and table of contents in the front
b) Actual records that have survived from the past
c) the most important answer to the question
d) something someone wrote today about what happened in the past

What is the definition of technology?
a) Any invention, including tools, machines, and materials that makes people's work easier.
b) computers
c) ipads
d) electronics

Describe the South during the Civil War.
a) Farm economy with plantations and slaves
b) industry economy with factories
c) did not want slaves
d) almost no fighting on their land

What caused the civil war?
a) Slavery
b) conflict
c) money
d) mean people

Who had the right to vote during this time period?
a) Everyone
b) only adults
c) white males
d) no one

Name 2 reasons why someone might want to migrate during this time period.
a) Improve Financial standing
b) avoid conflict
c) find family
d) bad weather

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