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What do these four places have in common? Deserts - Rain forests - Siberia - North Canada
a) They are all sparsely populated
b) They are all found in the Western Hemesphere
c) They are all in Europe
d) They are all in the Eastern Hemisphere

What two resources were the most important funding for the trading empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai?
a) Blood and Diamonds
b) Gold and Diamonds
c) Salt and Silver
d) Salt and Gold

Which area has been damaged because of the drilling for oil?
a) The Sahara
b) The Iberian Peninsula
c) The Niger River Delta
d) Mt. Kilimanjaro

What was the reason behind the Berlin Conference?
a) To divide Africa among European nations
b) To decide whether Berlin would control all of the African oil fields
c) To decide which European country will conquer all of Africa
d) To conquer all of the agricultural products from African

A nation that is becoming industrialized usually has -
a) Most of the population working in the Quaternary sector
b) Large portion of the population that still practices subsistence agriculture
c) Large portion of the population that works in manufacturing
d) Most of the population is unskilled

Why was Ethiopia never colonized by the Europeans?
a) Ethiopians had the latest technology anywhere in the world
b) Ethiopians spoke English so they could understand the Europeans
c) Ethiopia does not have any natural resources
d) Most of Ethiopia is on top of a plateau and it allowed them to defend themselves effectively

The systematic mass murdering of a certain ethnic or race group is called?
a) Infestation
b) Genocide
c) Autocracy
d) Homicide

What does the term brain drain mean?
a) African natives are increasingly developing a brain disease
b) Female Africans are increasing their education in Africa's Universities
c) When educated Native Africans leave their countries
d) Europeans are getting AIDS faster

What natural resource is famously known for funding civil wars in Africa?
a) Wood
b) Diamonds
c) Coal
d) Gold

Why did the political organization change so much from 1500's to the 1900's?
a) European colonialism of Africa
b) African native governments were mostly agricultural
c) Increased weather change moved the political organizations
d) Technology changed how Africa's governments traded

The Bantu spread their language throughout Africa. This could be an example of?
a) Brain Drain
b) Diffusion
c) Smear
d) Genocide

An economy that is substance based, concentrates more on -
a) production for easier access to more solvable goods
b) production of goods to be sold for profit
c) the collection of taxes for payment of goods
d) production of goods for personal use

Two families across the world both practice substance farming because -
a) they are trying to make a profit and sale agricultural products to big companies
b) their families are getting government assistance
c) they both live in large state - owned farms
d) they produce agricultural products for the consumption of their own families

What physical feature has made movement more difficult for North Africans?
a) The Sahel
b) Mt. Kilimanjaro
c) The Sahara
d) The Nile River

What desert is the largest in the world?
a) Sahara
b) Mojave
c) Namib
d) Kalahari

What do these examples have in common? 1. Family farming without electricity; 2. Natives following their ancestors way of life; 3. Family living in huts
a) Free market economies
b) Traditional Societies
c) Urbanized communities
d) Technologically advanced socities

Various modes of transportation, such as railroads, highways, and airplanes, have had a positive impact in how the world conducts economic activities by...
a) Having more access to military outposts
b) Lessening the importance of having water close to settlements
c) Long distance trade is no longer necessary
d) Various big companies now have to build near natural resources

The fast change in the political organization in Africa from the sixteenth century to the late nineteenth century is the effect of -
a) The technological upgrades to government entities by various African countries
b) United States took over many oil fields and demanded political change
c) Africans rising up and demanding a political revolution
d) The continued attempts of Europeans to colonize and control certain areas

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