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Mary (not have) a big car
a) didn't had
b) didn't have
c) doesn't had
d) didnt have

(you/have) a difficult exam yesterday?
a) Do you had
b) Did have you
c) Do you had
d) Did you have

My classroom (not have) a computer
a) didn't have
b) doesn't had
c) did no have
d) hadn't got

Miguel (have) three cats
a) did have
b) had
c) hads
d) had got

My sister (not have) pizza for dinner
a) doesn't had
b) hadn't
c) didn't have
d) hadn't got

My father (have) a tie for his birthday
a) had got
b) did have
c) did has
d) had

(your friend/have) a good birthday party?
a) Does your friend had
b) Did your friend haves
c) Did your friend have
d) Did your friend has

My cats (not have) a long tail
a) didn't have
b) don't had
c) didn't had
d) don't has

Sam (have) lunch at a restaurant
a) hads
b) did haves
c) had
d) did has

(your teacher/have) a cold?
a) Did your teacher have
b) Does you teacher had
c) Did your teacher haves
d) Did your teacher has

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