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Which function allows you to search for a value, find it in a table array, then return information about that value
b) PMT
d) NOW

Which of the following can be found under the Data tab, what if button?
a) Goal Seek
b) advanced filter
c) IF function

to arrange items in a table (or spreadsheet) according to alphabet (a to z), number (highest to lowest), or by key (multiple levels)
a) sort
b) filter
c) advanced filter
d) greater/less than rules

a tiny chart that can be used to show trend patterns
a) sparklines
b) growth chart
c) column chart
d) pivot chart

which of the following functions would be used to calculate a monthly loan payment?
a) PMT
c) IF

to hide nonmatching rows in a table or list of data according to the criteria you specify
a) filter
b) sort
c) forecast
d) conditional formatting

which tab allows you to put a hyperlink in your excel spreadsheet?
a) insert
b) page layout
c) formulas
d) view

A hyperlink can link to several objects. which of the following is not one of those objects?
a) options button under the file tab
b) web page
c) different document
d) different place in the same document

text or graphic that, when clicked, displays related information elsewhere in the worksheet or in another file
a) hyperlink
b) screentip
c) chart
d) embedded chart

when your grades have been way up and way down, which of the following would you use to forecast what they will be in the future?
a) growth trend
b) linear trend
c) PMT function
d) TREND function

Which of the following arguments in a PMT function represents the annual rate of interest to be paid on the loan?
a) Rate
b) PV
c) FV
d) Nper

which of the following arguments in PMT represents the amount you are borrowing?
a) PV
b) Nper
d) FV

if you wanted to find out how additional years of schooling can affect your income, you might want to make a _____________ that lists several years that will replace the column/row input value
a) data table
b) solver
c) advanced filter
d) goal seek

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