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The name of the water route connecting waterways through New York:
a) Huron Canal
b) Ontario Canal
c) Albany Canal
d) Erie Canal

This 1820 act admitted Missouri as a slave state, Maine as a free state, and forbid slavery north of the 36th parallel:
a) Proclamation of 1863
b) Louisiana Purchase
c) Missouri Compromise
d) Maine Mania

What did the Monroe Doctrine do?
a) Warned European countries to stay out of North America
b) Promoted the removal of Native Americans to move west
c) Warned American citizens to join the Federalist Party
d) Promoted American citizens to join the U.S. Navy.

The Supreme Court case that established judicial review was:
a) Brown v. Board
b) Marbury v. Madison
c) McCulloch v. Maryland
d) New Jersey v. T.L.O.

A major cause of the War of 1812 was what?
a) Militarism: The build-up of French forces along the outlining American territories.
b) Expansion: American settlers moved west and violated the terms of the Proclamation of 1736.
c) Impressment: Britain stole American ships and forced American sailors into the British navy.
d) Imperialism: Spanish held Florida attempted to take American lands in the south.

These people were charged with exploring the Louisiana Purchase:
a) Lewis and Clark
b) Clark and Gabriel
c) Lewis and Blake
d) Mr. Wincent and Mr. Stanley

A land purchase from France which doubled the size of the United States.
a) Texas Purchase
b) Georgia Purchse
c) Kentucky Purchase
d) Louisiana Purchase

What is the Trail of Tears?
a) The route taken by settlers to move west.
b) The path pioneers traveled on to move west of the Appalachian Mountains.
c) The forced journey of Cherokee Indians from their homes to lands in the west.
d) The path slaves from the south would take to gain their freedom in the north.

What is the idea that the United States should expand all the way west to the Pacific Ocean?
a) Pacific Progress
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Global Expansion
d) Trail of Tears

Why was slavery an issue as the United States expanded west?
a) Most people were morally against the expansion of slavery.
b) Southerners supported the gradual reduction of slavery over time as less slaves were needed with new inventions.
c) Northerners believed the pro-slavery majority of Congress did not represent their interests.
d) Southerners promised to not expand slavery beyond the Cotton Kingdom.

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