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Which of these sentences contains alliteration? Be careful here!
a) The crowd cheered as Cole and Cindy finished the race together.
b) In the morning mist, the mountains loomed above the village.
c) The smoke of a campfire rose lazily in the distance.
d) The elephants walked slowly by us, a parade of graceful giants.

Which idiom means -to stand by in good times and in bad?
a) spill the beans
b) hold your horses
c) through thick and thin
d) leave no stone unturned

In which sentence do you find personification?
a) Mary rides her skateboard like an acrobat.
b) My trusty bike takes me everywhere I want to go.
c) Brian has walked the soles right off his shoes!
d) Juan's new scooter cost him an arm and a leg.

Alliteration can be heard in which phrase?
a) Four calling birds
b) Five golden rings
c) Six geese a -laying
d) Seven swans a-swimming

Which sentence has a simile?
a) Mom said that my brother eats like a pig.
b) My brother is a messy eater.
c) My brother needs to learn good table manners.
d) Mom was disappointed that my brother made such a mess.

Which definition matches the idiom in this sentence? Don't try to worm your way out of it.
a) Don't blame it on the worm.
b) Don't wiggle like a worm.
c) Don't try to avoid doing something.
d) Don't burrow a tunnel in the soil.

In which sentence do you find personification?
a) That dog sleeps all day and barks all night.
b) The Statue of Liberty welcomes hopeful immigrants to America.
c) During our vacation, we camped at the Grand Canyon.
d) It is my job to feel our parakeet.

Which sentence contains a simile?
a) Rafting through rapids is a wild roller coaster ride!
b) Everyone paddled together like our guide taught us to.
c) The river tossed our raft about like a rubber duck in a bathtub.
d) I want to go rafting again as soon as I can!

Find the sentence that contains a metaphor.
a) My brother's room is as clean as a hospital.
b) He says homework doesn't have to be dull.
c) He is like a soldier who used sponges as weapons.
d) In my own room, the battle against dirt has been lost.

Find the correct meaning for the idiom in this sentence. Sophia was tickled pink when she won the contest.
a) She was embarrassed.
b) She was very pleased.
c) Her friends tickled her until she turned pink.
d) Her nickname was Pinkie.

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