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Most newspapers have a section of advertisements organized into classes, such as help wanted, or apartments for rent. These ads are known as
a) job leads
b) classifieds
c) referrals
d) data base

When you talk to people in your network, you should try to get
a) job lead cards
b) referrals
c) a work permit
d) a database

Many companies produce a document each year that summarizes their business for the year. This document is known as
a) an annual report
b) a database
c) a company profile
d) company research

When you make a job lead card, you should include
a) the person's name, business, address, and telephone number
b) research on a person's company
c) a thank you letter
d) a cover letter

One way to feel more relaxed when calling people about jobs is to
a) make calls in the morning when you feel refreshed
b) ask to speak to people who can answer your questions
c) write a script for the call so you remember what you want to say
d) ask someone else to make the call for you

Many people find jobs by asking people they know if they know of job openings. This is known as
a) creating job leads
b) networking
c) getting referrals
d) creating a database

A program that brings schools and businesses together is known as a(n)
a) school-to-work program
b) trade program
c) internship
d) apprenticeship

A legal document that allows a minor to hold a job is known as a
a) a job lead
b) a job market
c) work permit
d) referral

After you've contacted a person on a job-lead card, you should
a) throw the job lead card away because you won't need it anymore
b) make notes on the card about the conversation
c) pass the job-lead card on to a friend
d) congratulate yourself

According to the textbook, finding a great job is a lot like
a) detective work
b) gardening
c) coaching a team
d) completing a school project

Jordan made a cold call to the Nifty Company. This means that he
a) called someone he thought might not want to talk to him
b) called without first practicing what he was going to say
c) called during the winter
d) called to see if they had job openings, even though no one had referred him

The first step in networking is to create a list of people you know. This list is known as
a) a contact list
b) a referral list
c) a database
d) a job lead card

Information about a job opening is known as a
a) job lead
b) job market
c) work permit
d) referral

A person or business that pays a person to work is
a) a work permit
b) classifieds
c) an employer
d) a referral

If you want to work at a company that will provide room for growth in your career, you may want to look for a company that
a) has a good reputation
b) offers quality products
c) does business on the Internet
d) is growing and expanding

When you find a job lead, you should
a) repeat it so you'll remember it
b) send your résumé immediately
c) write the job lead information down so you won't forget it
d) tell a friend

One way to find job leads is to attend an event where employers offer career and employment information. These events are known as
a) networking events
b) referral days
c) job lead events
d) career fairs

Quincy organized his job leads and contact list in a computer program that enabled him to store the information and search according to a person's name or a business's name. This computer program is called a
a) work processing program
b) database
c) job lead card
d) job report

By visiting a company where you might want to work, you can learn
a) how much profit the company makes every year
b) how much employees are paid
c) about networking
d) what it might be like to work there

Why does a person who researches a company stand out among other applicants?
a) because the person who does research is smart
b) because doing research shows you paid attention in school
c) because research shows that you are serious and genuinely interested in the company
d) They don't. Employers consider all applicants equally.

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