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Why do members of a community have to pay taxes?
a) to pay for everything people want
b) so that people do not have to pay for their family's groceries
c) so that most people can buy a new car
d) to pay for services provided by the government

Who makes the laws for your state?
a) the police
b) the president
c) the state courts
d) the state legislature

All of the following are paid for by taxes EXCEPT
a) beauty shops.
b) the police force.
c) the fire department
d) parks and recreation.

Which of the following MOST LIKELY makes up a local community's government?
a) a president and congress
b) a mayor and city council
c) a governor and senators
d) a police chief and policemen

In a court, which ONE of the following has the job of making sure that the trial is fair and run according to the rules?
a) the jury
b) the judge
c) the lawyer
d) the person on trial

The United States government has three parts or branches. Which part decides if laws are fair?
a) the Congress
b) the President
c) the Supreme Court
d) the governor

Which are usually built by the government with tax money?
a) roads
b) factories
c) barber shops
d) grocery stores

Which level (type) of government is made up of a president and a group of legislators?
a) city government
b) state government
c) county government
d) national governement

What do we call the people who are elected to serve in the state government?
a) presidents and vice presidents
b) mayors and councilmen
c) teachers and principals
d) senators and representatives

The national government of the United States is divided into three branches. These branches are
a) international, federal, and local.
b) federal, state, and local.
c) interstate, state, and intrastate.
d) executive, legislative, and judicial.

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