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What does tax money help to build?
a) public roads
b) restuarants
c) gas stations
d) grocery stores

Which of the following buildings would MOST LIKELY be paid for by tax money?
a) a shopping mall
b) a gas station
c) an elementary school
d) a bakery

There are different kinds of taxes, such as income tax and sales tax. What is a tax?
a) a plan for using money
b) the buying and selling of products
c) a car that carries passengers for money
d) money collected by the government

Your class would like to have a bike path built from your school to the park. Whom should you talk to about this project?
a) the governor
b) the national government
c) the Congress
d) the local government

What is the MAIN way communities get money in order to build schools and roads?
a) taxes
b) gifts
c) donations
d) selling items

Which branch of government is responsible for carrying out the laws?
a) legislative
b) executive
c) judicial
d) international

The United States Constitution divides the national government into three branches, and includes a system of checks and balances. What is the purpose of dividing the government and having checks and balances?
a) to settle differences about the meaning of the laws
b) to approve bills before they go to the President
c) to carry out the laws passed by Congress and the President
d) to keep one branch from becoming more powerful than the other two

United States senators and representatives hold positions in our national government. Which branch of government do they represent?
a) international
b) executive
c) judicial
d) legislative

The United States government is divided into three separate parts to make sure that the
a) Senate has more power than the House of Representatives.
b) executive, legislative, and judicial branches share the power.
c) president of the United States has the final say in all matters.
d) federal, state, and local governments work together.

There are different levels of government in the United States. Which level of government usually makes laws for the whole country?
a) local
b) national (federal)
c) state
d) country

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