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Step 5 of the Systems approach is?
a) Brainstorm
b) Test
c) Collect Information
d) Proofread

A hue + white is?
a) Tint
b) Shade
c) Value
d) Saturation

___________________ Each letter takes up the same amount of space regardless of the letter size.
a) Proportional
b) Monospaced
c) Tracking
d) Leading

The first element the eye sees; the focal point is?
a) Symmetrical Balance
b) Contrast
c) Visual Leading
d) Dominance/Emphasis

Jill is creating a FBLA flyer with an elaborate headline designed to catch the eye. Which typeface category is appropriate?
a) Ornamental
b) Sans Serif
c) Script
d) Serif

______________________ are a powerful but simple method of enhancing a publication. They can be of any size, shape, texture or pattern and may be placed in any direction.
a) Space
b) Lines
c) Form
d) Shapes

Janice is creating a multimedia presentation and wants to insert an image of her dog on the slide so that it is the first thing the audience sees. Which design element is she using?
a) Balance
b) Grids
c) Optical Center
d) Unity/Harmony

Jennifer has chosen different shades of blue for her design. This is an example of which type of color scheme?
a) Analogous
b) Monochromatic
c) Complementary
d) RGB

A design team is interviewing the client to determine the target audience and budget for a design project. This is an example of which step in the Systems Approach?
a) Collect Information
b) Develop a Plan
c) Brainstorm
d) Experiment

Lisa needs pink paint so she adds white to red paint. This is an example of what color term?
a) Hue
b) Saturation
c) Shade
d) Tint

Shapes can be :
a) Geometric Shapes
b) Natural Shapes
c) Abstract Shapes
d) All of the Above

A student is designing a flyer for prom. She has added a shadow behind a graphic to create a 3-D effect. This is an example of which design element?
a) Lines
b) Form
c) Texture
d) Shapes

Jill has created a table to organize information in her magazine layout. This is an example of which design element?
a) Lines
b) Space
c) Texture
d) Shapes

Vera is designing a website for a clothing store. She has placed the most important information at the top of the web page. This is an example of which usability and readability consideration?
a) Visual Hierarchy
b) Design Purpose
c) Target Audience
d) Medium

Leading is referred to as:
a) Line Spacing
b) Line Movement
c) Line Arrangement
d) Line Preparation

_________________the use of big and small elements, black and white text squares and circles.
a) Emphasis
b) Radial
c) Contrast
d) Balance

A _______ ________ is a chart used show to the relationship between colors.
a) Color Roll
b) Color Spectrum
c) Color Abstract
d) Color Wheel

A design team is researching competitor's designs and sketching ideas for a design project. As well as finding inspiration in books, magazines, museums, and having fun. This is an example of which step in the Systems Approach?
a) Collect Information
b) Develop a Plan
c) Brainstorm
d) Experiment

__________________is the different sizes, weights and variations of a typeface. (Families have the same name)
a) Font Cousins
b) Font Choice
c) Font Family
d) Tracking

Using imaginary grids to visually divide the page into thirds vertically and/or horizontally and placing most important elements on a line or intersection.
a) Rule of Thirds
b) Z-Pattern
c) Monospaced
d) Leading

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