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What is material deposited directly by a glacier
a) a kettle
b) a drumline
c) till
d) stratified drift

Springs form where
a) there is no water table
b) flooding makes streams overflow their banks
c) groundwater sinks into the soil
d) the water table intersects the ground surface

Permeable rock layers or sediments that freely transmit groundwater are
a) springs
b) aquifers
c) aquitards
d) water tables

Sinkholes can form when
a) rainwater containing carbon dioxide dissolves underground rock
b) minerals dripping from a cavern ceiling form stone pendants
c) streams drop sediment as they enter lakes
d) the water table rises due to flooding

A stream's discharge
a) decreases between the source and mouth
b) remains the same throughout its course
c) is greatest during times of drought
d) increases between its source and mouth

A depositional feature that forms where a stream enters a lake or an ocean is a
a) natural levee
b) meander
c) delta
d) distributary

A cavern is an underground chamber formed by
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) evaporation
d) salinization

The water cycle is the
a) distribution of drinking water on Earth
b) unending circulation of Earth's water supply
c) the recycling of water after industrial use
d) the evaporation of water from Earth's surface

Groundwater is found underground in the zone of
a) aeration
b) porosity
c) saturation
d) sediment

Eskers are glacial features formed when
a) blocks of stagnant ice become buried in drift and eventually melt
b) sediment is deposited in a broad ramp-like accumulation downstream from the end of the moraine
c) streams flowing in tunnels beneath glaciers deposit sand and gravel
d) large amounts of debris are deposited along the sides of a glacial valley

One characteristic of glacial movement is that
a) all glaciers, regardless of size, move at about the same rate
b) new snowfall accumulates in a zone at the bottom of the glacier
c) the zone of wastage is at the top of the glacier
d) how the glacier moves depends on the balance between accumulation and wastage

What is a bowl-shaped depression at the head of a glacial valley?
a) glacial trough
b) arete
c) horn
d) cirque

Which of these landforms is NOT common in an area of karst topography?
a) sinkhole
b) stalagmite
c) cavern
d) canyon

Which of the following is true about ice sheets?
a) they are the smallest type of glacier
b) they flow in all directions
c) they usually flow down valleys
d) they are found only in high mountain areas

Baselever is
a) the lowest point to which a stream can erode its channel.
b) any part of the stream that is below sea level.
c) the source from which the stream flows
d) the elevation of a stream's largest tributary

The ability of a stream to erode and transport material depends largely on its
a) width
b) density
c) velocity
d) length

A drainage basin is
a) the channel of a stream
b) the land covered by floodwaters
c) the land that contributes water to a stream
d) all streams that flow directly into an ocean

Balance in the water cycle means that
a) the average annual precipitation over Earth equals the amount of water that evaporates
b) water that falls to Earth only enters oceans
c) the amount of water that falls to Earth weighs the same as the amount that condenses in clouds
d) water evaporates from Earth's surface remains forever in the atmosphere

The most prominent features of a narrow V- shaped valley where the stream profile drops quickly are
a) meanders and floodplains
b) rapids and waterfalls
c) lakes and ponds
d) deltas and natural levees

What is the loosening and lifting of blocks of rock by glaciers
a) plucking
b) wastage
c) abrasion
d) till

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