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Which of the following details should be included in a summary of the passage?
a) ...her business had launched a new branch in a different city, and they wanted her to head the new office—Lauren had to move.
b) The family had two weeks to pack their things, say their goodbyes, and move miles away.
c) They went to the mall and bought matching outfits.
d) That was the last time Lauren had seen Claudia since her move, and much had happened since then.

How does the setting influence the plot in this story?
a) The quietness appeals to Lauren's memory, causing her to sit and think about her best friend Claudia.
b) The movement from unpacking causes Lauren to look at a picture of her best friend Claudia
c) The fact that she is so far from best friend is causing Lauren to think about making new friends.
d) The constant movement prevents Lauren from feeling depressed about the move, which calms her down briefly.

Which word BEST describes Claudia?
a) forgetful
b) sympathetic
c) regretful
d) inconsiderate

How does Lauren MOST LIKELY feel when she hears that she and her family are moving?
a) composed
b) miserable
c) petrified
d) contented

Which action in the story helps advance the plot the most?
a) when the family finished packing their belongings
b) when Lauren received the photograph and frame that said Best Friends
c) when Lauren stared at the photograph and frame that said Best Friends
d) when Lauren moved to her new place and made friends

What is the theme of this passage?
a) Pictures help you to remember.
b) Family moves can be enjoyable.
c) Buy nice gifts for your friends.
d) True friends are worth keeping.

Based on the passage, which statement is a FACT?
a) Lauren's mother lost her job.
b) Lauren and Claudia bought matching outfits.
c) Claudia refused to help Lauren pack.
d) Lauren did not make any new friends at her new school.

Based on the passage, which would be a FICTIONAL statement?
a) Lauren gave Claudia a photograph of them together before she moved.
b) Lauren had two weeks to pack for the move.
c) Lauren was told by her mother that she has to move.
d) Lauren liked her new school and made some phenomenal friends.

How do you know that Lauren is beginning to accept her new situation?
a) She put away the going-away gift that Claudia gave her.
b) She learned to navigate her new city without a map.
c) She stopped calling Claudia every night.
d) She made new friends and stated that she likes her school.

Based on the passage, what is the most important thing in Lauren's life right now?
a) her friends
b) her house
c) her school
d) her family

Lauren MOST LIKELY jumps up when she hears the phone ringing because
a) the sound of the phone startled her from her thoughts.
b) she believes it is Claudia and wants to talk to her.
c) she doesn’t want to miss a call from her new friends.
d) she thinks Claudia will be upset if she doesn’t answer.

What is the MAIN reason Claudia gives Lauren the framed picture?
a) to help take her mind off packing
b) to help her decorate her new house
c) to help her remember their friendship
d) to help her think of the fun lake trip

What is most likely true about the time of year this story takes place?
a) It is most likely a warm summer day.
b) It is unusually cold for a summer day.
c) It is unusually warm for a winter day.
d) It is most likely a warm autumn day.

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