Chapter 13 Review Question Preview (ID: 29605)

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The form of energy in fossil fuels is ______________ energy.
a) nuclear
b) chemical
c) radiant
d) electrical

When you see a change in the environment, you know that _______________ has been transferred.
a) energy
b) force
c) heat
d) motion

A burning fire produces _____________ energy.
a) kinetic and potential
b) radiant and thermal
c) electrical and thermal
d) chemical and radiant

When a rubber band is stretched, it has ______________ energy.
a) potential
b) kinetic
c) chemical
d) nuclear

A limiting factor for using nuclear energy is the _______________ produced.
a) flooding
b) pollution
c) waste
d) heat

In every energy transformation, some energy is always lost as ____________ energy.
a) chemical
b) radiant
c) electrical
d) thermal

A kite stuck in a tree has _____________ energy.
a) potential
b) kinetic
c) chemical
d) thermal

_____________ is a fossil fuel.
a) Gasoline
b) Water
c) Electricity
d) Nuclear fuel

Unlike other forms of energy, thermal energy is hard to______________.
a) transfer
b) generate
c) use
d) store

In a nuclear power plant, nuclear energy is first changed to _____________ energy.
a) electrical
b) thermal
c) chemical
d) radiant

If you blow between two table tennis balls suspended about 2 cm apart, the balls will _____________._.
a) not move
b) move away from each other
c) move back and forth
d) move toward each other

As the speed of a fluid increases, _______________________.
a) the pressure decreases
b) the volume decreases
c) the pressure increases
d) the force decreases

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