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Fairy tales are thought of as children's stories, but some versions have a surprising amount of violence in them. Because the violence is so clearly imaginary, most adults don't think of the stories as frightening.
a) to tell about fairy tales
b) to tell about violence in fairy tales
c) to tell about children's stories
d) none of the above

The Smoky Mountains are in the southern part of the United States. They are not named smoky because they are on fire. They are named for the smoky haze that hangs over the range. Part of the range has been made a national park.
a) to tell about the Smoky Mountains
b) to tell about where they are
c) to tell about national parks
d) none of the above

Kitty O'Neil wanted to become a stunt person. She performed incredible stunts, such as 100-foot falls. O'Neil has been deaf since birth. She says she can concentrate better than most people who can hear. She is not bothered by the sounds around her.
a) when O'Neil fell 100 feet
b) how long O'Neil has been deaf
c) how O'Neil's disability has helped her career
d) how to become a stunt person

In real life, rattlesnakes try to avoid people and seldom attack. Most people are bitten only after they step on these snakes. A rattlesnake may not even inject its poison when it bites. In fact, more Americans die from insect stings than from bites.
a) how rattlesnakes aren't as dangerous as everyone believes
b) why insects kill people
c) when rattlesnakes use their poison
d) how snakes bite

Many people in India don't eat beef, but they still find many uses for cattle. Cows provide milk for drinking and for other dairy products. Young cattle are used for plowing fields and carrying big loads.
a) how cows are used in India
b) where some people do not eat beef
c) which cows plow fields
d) what milk is used for

When you take a multiple-choice test, do you ever change your answers? Some scientists think that it is a smart thing to do. They found out that most students who change their answers make the right decisions and make better scores on their tests.
a) how to study for tests
b) what scientists think about answers
c) how to score better on a multiple-choice test
d) which answers to change on tests

Doctors think that wearing red-tinted glasses can relieve sadness. Some people get very moody and sad in the winter. They may be affected by the brief days. Bright lights help some people but not everyone.
a) why people wear rose-colored glasses
b) when some people get sad
c) how short the daylight is in winter
d) how colored glasses may help people feel better

Dogs have been called our best friends, but they are also good helpers. They can be used in many ways. Some dogs hunt while others guard animals and property. Boxers and German shepherds are trainer to lead people who are blind.
a) how many types of dogs there are
b) what the name of the space dog was
c) what kind of dogs can lead people who are blind
d) how dogs are useful

Microchips provide the power for wristwatches. They are also the brains in our computers, and they control robots. These chips are used in video games and space shuttles. They make our cameras, radios, and televisions small and light.
a) how computers work
b) why televisions are small
c) how microchips are used
d) how camera are made

The people of Ancient Egype created an advanced civilization. More than 6,000 years ago, they developed a calendar with 360 days divided into 12 months. The people made paper and learned to write. They build huge monuments with machines they invented
a) how people make paper
b) about the creation of Egyptian civilization
c) where an ancient calendar was invented
d) how the people build monuments

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