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Divers uncover many underwater secrets. Ancient ships, old cities, and works of art have been found. The sea has hidden some of its treasure for thousands of years. Underwater means
a) on a mountain
b) in the sea
c) near
d) blue

Many things we use every day were invented in the 1800s. Someone from England gave us the bicycle. An American designed the safety pin. Invented means
a) first made
b) finally broken
c) fixed
d) always needed

The Trail of Tears was a journey that took place in the United States. White settlers wanted the land where some Natives lived. The government forced these natives to move away from their homes. Thousands of them died on the tragic trip. Tragic means
a) sad
b) happy
c) rude
d) brief

Roberto Clemente was the first Hispanic player to be admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He won many awards for his superb hitting and fielding skills. Superb means
a) poor
b) quick
c) outstanding
d) ourdoor

How would you like a soup made from a bird's nest? Diners in China consider bird's nest soup delicious. The right kind of bird's nest for this soup are found in caves. Consider means
a) make
b) think
c) take
d) sell

On the ocean, distance is measured in nautical miles. This kind of mile is about 800 feet longer than the mile used for measuring land. Nautical means
a) sea
b) what
c) shorter
d) probably untrue

Scientists have wondered how the Moon came to be. More and more facts reinforce the idea that the Moon was probably created by a tremendous crash. A planet the size of Mars hit Earth, and the Moon broke off from the Earth. Reinforce means
a) plan
b) send
c) trim
d) support

The tall buildings called skyscrapers might not have been built without the Chicago Fire of 1871. The fire devastated the wooden buildings of the city. The first skyscraper was built on the ruins of the fire. Devastated means
a) built
b) designed
c) destroyed
d) sold

The king cobra is a very dangerous snake. Its bite can kill an elephant in three hours. Most animals attack only when threatened, but the king cobra will attack without being provoked. Provoked means
a) rescued
b) given a reason
c) affected
d) poisoned

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the United States. Congress established it as a national park in 1872. Established means
a) cut
b) crowded
c) loved
d) started

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