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Donations/ Money
a) Monitor
b) Lobbying
c) Campaign
d) contributions

a) Electoral College
b) Electorate
c) Contributions
d) Lobbying

The part of a special interest group that handles money
a) Special Interest Group
b) Political Action Committee
c) Electorate
d) Contributions

an organized group that has a special interest in a topic and tries to influence laws on that topic
a) Political Action Committee
b) Special Interest Group
c) Officeholders
d) Editorial

keep an eye on; watch carefully
a) monitor
b) PAC
c) Electorate
d) lobbying

people elected into a public office
a) officeholders
b) public policy
c) electorate
d) editorial

how the government plans to handle a certain issue
a) officeholders
b) monitor
c) public policy
d) contributions

trying to influence the government
a) lobbying
b) propaganda
c) public policy
d) PAC

An article where the editor writes their educated opinion on a topic
a) editorial
b) contributions
c) monitor
d) lobbying

When's your vocab quiz?
a) Friday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday

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