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How far did the Religion of Islam spread by the 1100s?
a) N. Africa, SW Asia, and parts of Europe
b) Spread through Asia, Europe and SW Asia
c) Did NOT spread beyond SW Asia
d) Did NOT spread outside Africa

What as the significance of the mounds constructed by Mound Builders?
a) Used as a burial site for their ancestors
b) To attract tourists
c) Used for recycling
d) defensive walls to protect city

The civilization that built apartment-like homes into the sides of cliffs were the
a) Anasazi/Pueblo
b) Mississippian cultures
c) Maya
d) Inca

Of the Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippian cultures, which civilization was settled farthest east?
a) Hopewell
b) Adena
c) Mississippian
d) All were located in the east.

What impact did European exploration have on the early Americans?
a) The Spanish conquered the Aztec and Inca
b) The Spanish conquered the Maya and Anasazi
c) France dominated in the early Americas
d) Europe had no interaction with early Americans

Which technology helped unite the civilizations of the Romans, Incas and Anasazi?
a) Roads
b) Gunpowders
c) Wheeled Cars
d) Astrolabe

Where did the religion of Islam begin?
a) Arabia
b) Greece
c) China
d) India

What trade made the kingdoms of W. Africa rich and powerful?
a) The silent barter of gold and salt
b) The selling of spices along the Silk Road
c) slave trade along the Triangular trade
d) Colombian Exchange

Which of the following puts the three African empires in correct order from earliest to latest?
a) Ghana, Mali, Songhai
b) Songhai, Mali, Ghana
c) Mali, Ghana, Songhai
d) Mali, Songhai, Ghana

Define trans-Saharan trade
a) Trade across the Saharan Desert
b) Trade through the Roman Empire
c) Trade within the Andes Mountains
d) Trade along the Silk Road

What are the five pillars of Islam?
a) the rules/guidelines for Islam
b) list of rulers for Arabia
c) schedule of prayer for Islam
d) Laws for the Byzantine Empire

The concept of zero was first created by mathematicians during which Classical Indian Dynasty?
a) Gupta
b) Han
c) Shang
d) Mauryan

Between the Tang and Ming dynasties, Chinese literature reached a new height because
a) printing was invented
b) the government paid writers
c) The Chinese population increased
d) People were bored and looking for entertainment

Believing the Roman Empire had grown too large, Diocletian
a) split the empire in half, each with it's own emperor
b) removed teh army from its borders
c) divided into four parts, each with its own emperor.
d) handed over power to the citizens.

What is the central idea common to Christianity and Judaism
a) one God
b) many gods
c) crucifixion
d) baptism

Which of the following describes the Pax Romana?
a) 200 years of peace
b) 200 years of civil wars
c) 20 years of economic downfall
d) 100 years of disease

Rome reached the height of its power under
a) Augustus
b) Julius Caesar
c) Caligula
d) Nero

Which best describes the early religion of Rome
a) Their gods and goddesses were similar to the Greeks
b) Their gods were the emperors.
c) They were monotheistic
d) The Romans did not have a religion.

This is the basis for the Romance Languages
a) Latin
b) Greek
c) Roman
d) Phoenician

In 509BC, Rome set up a form of government which included a leader and a lawmaking group called....
a) Republic
b) democracy
c) monarchy
d) Empire

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