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What does the S in SMART stand for?
b) Safe
c) Sad
d) Secure

If you find something on the internet that is rude or horrible what should you do?
a) Close the internet programme.
b) Go to another website.
c) Close the internet programme and tell a grownup.
d) Stop don't change anything and tell a grownup.

What does the letter M stand for in SMART?
a) Mode
b) Madeup
c) Mischief
d) Meeting

If you ever get a horrible text message what should you do?
a) Send a worse one back.
b) Delete it.
c) Save it and show a grownup.
d) Show your friends.

Someone you have just started to talk to on the internet want's to know your telephone number, do you:
a) Give it to them, you're not giving them your address!
b) Ask them why they want it first and if its a good enough reason give them the number.
c) Wait untill you know them a little bit better then give it to them.
d) Ask your parents what to do, or tell your teacher.

What does the A in SMART stand for?
a) Answer
b) Accepting
c) Adding
d) Advert

You visit a website and it asks you to dwonload something, do you:
a) Click on download, my computer must need the file for the website to work properly.
b) Ask a friend first and then download the file if they think its ok.
c) Ask a responsible adult first.
d) Close the website and report it to the police

Someone you dont really know sends you a picture attatched to an email, do you:
a) Open it it will probably be funny!
b) Tell a responsible adult straight away and don't open it.
c) Check it with a virus scanner first then if its ok open it.
d) Open it but be ready to close it again quickly if its something nasty.

What does the letter R in SMART stand for?
a) Robot
b) Read
c) Register
d) Reliable

If you want to make sure something on a website is correct what can you do?
a) Ask a friend,
b) Check at least 2 more websites to see if they say the same things.
c) Believe the site as it looks like its written by someone cleaver.
d) Never trust anythign on the internet and use books instead.

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