Pioneer Unit: Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 296)

Continuing The Unit About Westward Expansion. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What hardships did Pioneers face?
a) Sickness, mud, broken wagons, rattlesnakes
b) Hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis
c) Bears, lightning, and bees
d) Fights, wars, and famine

What requirements did Pony Express riders have?
a) Under 18 years old, weigh less than 125 pounds, excellent horse rider
b) Over 21, weighed more than 150 pounts, great speaker
c) Under 14 years old, weigh less than 125 pounds, able to sort mail
d) Over 18 years old, married, college education

Who helped Lewis and Clark?
a) Sacajawea and York
b) Pocahontas and Smith
c) Charbonneau and Jolliet
d) Jefferson and Washington

Where did the Lewis and Clark expedition begin?
a) St. Louis, MO
b) St. Joseph, MO
c) Springfield, MO
d) Oregon

When did the Lewis and Clark expedition begin?
a) 1804
b) 1803
c) 1849
d) 1860

What were the main objectives of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
a) Make maps, find a northwest passage to Pacific by water, document plants and animals
b) Make bridges, find southern rivers, document insects
c) Make friends with Indians, build cities, make roads
d) Find a quicker route to the Indies, trade with Indians, and collect animals

Who was the leader in France during the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Napolean
b) Jefferson
c) King George
d) Sacajawea

What did the Louisiana Purchase do for the US?
a) Doubled the size
b) Tripled the size
c) Included more people
d) Brought more French to America

What is an unexplored area of land that is wild or tame. The outer edge of a settlement.
a) frontier
b) territory
c) colony
d) prairie

What is a piece of land owned by a country, government, or tribe?
a) territory
b) frontier
c) prairie
d) colony

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