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Philip II of Macedonia is credited as being the first person to do what?
a) Unify Greek city states
b) Conquer the PErsian Empire
c) open a school in Athens
d) conquer Sparta

Which of the following correctly describes the Hellenistic Age?
a) blend of Greek and Asian cultures
b) end of the Greek way of thinking
c) Macedonian culture spreading into Greece
d) Greek culture stayed in Greece

What started the Peloponnesian War?
a) Athens misspending Delian league money
b) Athen's navy attacked
c) Sparta spending Delian league money
d) Persia attacked

What famous poet wrote two poems about the Trojan War?
a) Homer
b) Archimedes
c) Aristotle
d) Socrates

Which type of government was created and used in Ancient Athens?
a) democracy
b) dictatorship
c) monarchy
d) oligarchy

Which religion beginning in India eventually spread throughout Asia through the Silk Road?
a) Buddhism
b) Confucianism
c) Judiasm
d) D(T)aoism

What philosophy is based on ancestor worship, and living in balance with nature?
a) D(T)aoism
b) Judaism
c) Hinduism
d) Confucianism

Which of the following best describes the Hindu concept of karma?
a) There is a cause and effect nature to life
b) belief that Brahman is universal soul
c) idea that there is a cycle of life
d) idea of a person's duty

Which of the following is true about the caste system?
a) It is life-long.
b) When Hindus become better educated they move up a caste.
c) The lowest castes were the teachers
d) Hindus move up if they marry someone from a higher caste.

On the banks of which river did the first civilization in S. Asia develop?
a) Indus
b) Ganges
c) Harrappan
d) Mohenjo

What was the effect of trade along the silk road?
a) spread goods and ideas
b) Shi Huangdi built the Great Wall
c) People built walls to stop the flooding
d) Gained surplus foods

Silk, Paper, Gunpowder, Porcelain: all came from what civilization?
a) China
b) India
c) Mesopotamia
d) Egypt

What was the first monotheistic religion?
a) Judiasm
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

Which word best describes religion in ancient Egypt?
a) polytheistic
b) monotheistic
c) monarchy
d) hieroglyphic

Which discovery led to the ability to decode Egyptian writing?
a) Rosetta Stone
b) Nile River Valley
c) Old Kingdom
d) Great Pyramid

Which civilizations created cuneiform/hieroglyphics/sanskrit?
a) Mesopotamia/Egypt/India
b) Aztec/Inca/Mayan
c) China/India/Greek
d) Mesopotamia/Phoenicia/Babylon

What was the main purpose of Hammurabi's Code?
a) Listed laws and punishments
b) Organized them into Social Classes
c) Divided the land
d) Created taxation and penalties

How did people living the Fertile Crescent adapt to the lack of rainfall?
a) Creating Irrigation systems
b) Praying to their kings
c) Doing a rain dance
d) Migrating to other areas.

Which of the following people is best known for conquering the Persian Empire and controlling an empire on 3 continents.
a) Alexander the Great
b) Cyrus II
c) King Philip
d) Pericles

Which philosopher taught people to think by asking questions?
a) Socrates
b) Aristotle
c) Plato
d) Archimedes

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