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Who became dictator of Cuba after the Cuban Revolution?
a) Fulgencio Batista
b) Simon Bolivar
c) Emiliano Zapata
d) Fidel Castro

What kind of government does Cuba have today as a result of the Cuban Revolution?
a) democracy
b) communist
c) oligarchy
d) monarchy

When did the Cuban Revolution occur?
a) early 1900's
b) mid 1900's
c) late 1900's
d) early 2000's

What event was the closest the United States and the Soviet Union came to war during the Cold War?
a) Bay of Pigs
b) Cuban Revolution
c) Cuban Missile Crisis
d) Kennedy assassination

What punishment did the United States place on Cuba after the Cuban Revolution?
a) economic embago
b) trade tariff
c) quota limits
d) currency manipulations

Who was the dictator of Cuba before Fidel Castro?
a) Hugo Chavez
b) Fulgencio Batista
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Javier Gonzalez

What is the larges minority group in the United States?
a) African Americans
b) Asian
c) Indian
d) Latinos

Which is NOT a reason that Latinos emigrate to the United States?
a) higher crime rates
b) safer living conditions
c) economic opportunities
d) stable work environment

Which is a major drug produced in Latin America?
a) marijuana
b) cocaine
c) tylenol
d) cigars

What is a major concern in Latin America?
a) high paying jobs
b) fast growing economy
c) high poverty rates
d) too much rainfall

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