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Cell specialization in multicellular organisms allows cell to
a) reproduce
b) perform different functions
c) respond to their environment
d) be less complex

What is the MAJOR function of a selectively permeable membrane? (15)
a) to control materials entering and leaving the cell
b) to maintain a free flow of molecules
c) to keep the cells shape
d) to regulate energy production in the cell

Choose the sentence below that is the best description of the function of phospholipids of a cell membrane.
a) they direct the production of proteins from DNA
b) they are responsible for assembling proteins
c) they are the main component that gives cell's their shape.
d) they speed up chemical reactions

An organ system is a group of organs that
a) are made up of similar cells
b) are made up of similar tissues
c) work together to perform a specific function
d) work together to perform all the functions in a multicellular organism

The more mitochondria a cell has, the more ____ it makes and uses (13)
a) proteins
b) DNA
c) lipids
d) energy

the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration is known as ______. (14)
a) diffusion
b) dehydration reaction
c) active transport
d) hydrolysis

If a freshwater fish was placed into a saltwater aquarium, the animal would appear to shrink. Why? (10)
a) the concentration of salt was higher on the outside of the fish than the inside of the fish
b) there was more water outside the fish so it needed to be let out
c) the concentration of salt was higher on the inside and it needed to take in water to balance it out.

Which of the following is not a type of protein? (12)
a) cell receptor
b) hemoglobin
c) enzymes
d) glucose

Which of the following is a true statement concerning viruses? (11)
a) they can be cured with antibiotics
b) they are the smallest of all cell types
c) infect only animals and humans
d) composed of a protein coat and nucleic acids inside

DNA is responsible for inherited traits; those traits are make from a recipe held in the DNA. What macro-molecule does the DNA recipe make? (8)
a) proteins
b) carbohydrates
c) lipids
d) nucleic acids

What cell organelle allows diffusion of gases to occur?
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) cytoplasm
d) ribosomes

The process by which organisms keep their internal conditions fairly constant is called:
a) Homeostasis
b) Evolution
c) Metabolism
d) Photosynthesis

Which of the following is NOT considered a safety procedure?
a) Read all the steps in your activity before doing it
b) If in doubt about any part of an activity, trust your instinct
c) Follow your teacher's directions
d) Follow the textbook directions exactly

A solution is a (an)
a) Breaking of a chemical bond
b) Chemical reaction
c) Evenly distributed mixture of two or more substances
d) Combination of two or more liquids

When salt is dissolved in water, water is the
a) Reactant
b) Solution
c) Solute
d) Solvent

Amino acid is to protein as
a) Fat is to lipid
b) DNA is to RNA
c) Sugar is to fat
d) Simple sugar is to starch

A monosaccharide is a
a) Carbohydrate
b) Lipid
c) Nucleic acid
d) Protein

Which of the following is NOT a function of proteins?
a) Store and transmit heredity
b) Help fight disease
c) Control the rate of reactions and regulate cell processes
d) Build tissues such as bone and muscle

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, water is...
a) A product
b) Reactant
c) Both a product and a reactant
d) Neither a product nor a reactant

Which statement is true
a) Simple sugars are made of polysaccharides
b) Glycerol is made of fatty acids
c) RNA molecules are made of nucleotides
d) Amino acids are made of proteins

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