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Allusion is defined as:
a) words that involve one of the five senses
b) an implied or indirect reference in literature to a familiar person, place, or event
c) the subtle presence of a positive or negative approach toward a topic
d) placing together characters, situations, or ideas to show common and/or differing features in literary selections

Which of the following is NOT an allusion?
a) She transformed her backyard to look like the Garden of Eden.
b) His wife was his Achilles' heel.
c) He lies so much, I'm surprised his nose doesn't grow like Pinnochio's.
d) Meredith's smile was as beautiful as my mother's.

An allusion refers to something outside of the literary work.
a) True
b) False

What is a valid reason for using allusion?
a) It makes a work longer.
b) It impresses the reader with the author's knowledge.
c) It deepens the reader's understanding by providing familiar context.
d) It frustrates the reader.

In which of the following examples did the author use allusion?
a) The rain kept tapping on my shoulder.
b) She is quiet as a mouse.
c) He is like the Hulk when he gets angry.
d) The stars shivered when the wind howled.

When the author wrote 'Bah! Humbug!' in his Christmas story, he was using __________.
a) alliteration
b) allusion
c) foreshadowing
d) metaphor

Allusion is a reference to a reader's background knowledge and their ability to make a connection to a particular story.
a) True
b) False

By the end of the long race, we were deceived by an (allusion or illusion) that there was a cooler of water beside two comfortable-looking beach chairs.
a) illusion
b) allusion

Mark tried to make his point by (alluding or illuding) to a Greek god to explain his strength.
a) alluding
b) illuding

What should you do if you come across an allusion you don't recognize in a work of literature?
a) Look it up in another reference work.
b) Stop reading and find another book.
c) Invent your own explanation.
d) Use context clues to make some sort of assumption.

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