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The MOST efficient method to horizontally center a line of text is to:
a) Divide the length of the line by two and space over that number of times from the left margin
b) Use the automatic centering feature on your software
c) Use the guideline method
d) Use the tab key and space bar

What documents include the order of topics to be covered at a meeting and the individuals responsible for each topic?
a) Agenda
b) Itinerary
c) Minutes
d) Schedule

The descriptive information in an agenda should be keyed:
a) In the first column
b) In the second column
c) In the third column
d) aligned at the left margin

If text is aligned so that it has the even left and right margins, the text is:
a) centered vertically
b) center horizontally
c) left aligned
d) right aligned

When keying an agenda, the topic should be arranged in which order?
a) Alphabetical
b) Chronological
c) Order in which typed
d) No specific order is required

Where would you find the name of the speaker for each item on an agenda?
a) The name is not given
b) If given, the name will be in the 3rd column
c) The name will be at the top of the agenda
d) The name will be included in the description of the topic

You have just received a copy listing the activities and discussions for your meeting. Items are listed in the order in which they will occur. What type of document is this?
a) Agenda
b) Minutes
c) Itinerary
d) Schedule

You have an FBLA meeting and the activities of the meeting are in a sequential order on the agenda. The order is considered:
a) Linear
b) Chronological
c) Polar
d) Random

Which document is used by the principal to prepared a list of topics that will be covered during next week's staff meeting?
a) Agenda
b) Personal Business Letter
c) Research Report
d) Table

Mr. Allen is typing the agenda for his meeting today. He is using a table with 2 columns. What information would be in the 2nd column?
a) Time the item will be discussed
b) A description of each item
c) The order in which the item will be discussed
d) The room number where the meeting will be held

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