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Which type of air mass brings cool, humid weather to the West Coast of the United States?
a) maritime tropical
b) continental tropical
c) maritime polar
d) continental polar

When two cool air masses cut a warm air mass off from the ground, which kind of front forms?
a) cold
b) occluded
c) stationary
d) warm

In the Northern Hemisphere, in which direction do the winds of a cyclone always spin?
a) counterclockwise
b) up and down
c) clockwise
d) away from the center

The sudden discharge of energy in a storm is referred to as
a) a storm surge
b) thunder
c) lightning
d) a tropical disturbance

In which type of clouds do tornadoes form?
a) cumulus
b) cumulonimbus
c) cirrus
d) nimbostratus

The storms that produce the highest winds are
a) hurricanes
b) tornadoes
c) thunderstorms
d) snowstorms

Hurricanes that strike the East Coast of the United States are most common in the months of
a) March, April, and May
b) June, July, and August
c) May, June, and July
d) August, September, and October

The most dangerous weather-related events in the United States are
a) floods
b) hurricanes
c) lightning strikes
d) tornadoes

Lines on a weather map joining places with the same air pressure are called
a) fronts
b) air masses
c) isotherms
d) isobars

El Nino occurs once every
a) 20 to 30 years
b) month
c) two to seven years
d) century

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