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The word ascending means ___.
a) Go up
b) Go right
c) Go left
d) Go down

One type of data in a field may be ____.
a) graphic
b) numbers
c) currency
d) all of the above

T/F Each field may have onlu one type of data.
a) True
b) False

An example of a database is ____.
b) Skyward
c) Facebook
d) All of the above

____ are databases created in a prettier and eadier format than tables.
a) rows
b) forms
c) records
d) files

Databases can perform operations, such as ____ and searching.
a) decending
b) reading
c) math
d) sorting

Flat file databases are simple stores of _____.
a) rows
b) records
c) fields
d) information

A ____ is the printed information from a database.
a) record
b) form
c) report
d) ID

In a table found in a database, the columns are for the ___.
a) fields
b) rows
c) records
d) customers

____ holds the data in a database.
a) tables
b) hands
c) keyboard
d) forms

In a table found in a database, the rows are for ____.
a) filenames
b) cunstomers
c) records
d) Primary keys

An input mask is used for ____.
a) phone numbers
b) social security numbers
c) date/time
d) all of the above

Ambiguous means ______.
a) clear
b) cloudy
c) rainy
d) unclear

A ____ is used when you need to find data using limited information.
a) wild child
b) wild one
c) wildcard
d) wild beast

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