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Which list contains ONLY alternative energy sources?
a) Oil, coal, natural gas
b) Coal, wind, solar energy
c) Wind, solar energy, moving water
d) nuclear energy, fossil fuels, geothermal energy

Which method of soil conservation adds nutrients to the soil?
a) wind breaks
b) strip farming
c) crop rotation
d) contour plowing

There is no way people can prevent pollution
a) True
b) False

Mianjel is concerened that many of the natural resources we use today will not be available in the future. Which of the following would BEST help to ensure the conservation of these natural resources?
a) Run the dishwasher when its half full
b) Carpool with other students to school
c) Leave the lights on when she leaves a room
d) Leave the water running while she brushes her teeth

New objects are made from old objects when you
a) conservation
b) recycle
c) renewable resource

Kane wants to throw away a plastic bottle that she is no longer using. Which of the following disposal methods would help conserve natural resources?
a) Burning the bottle
b) Burying the bottle in the yard
c) Throwing the bottle in the trash
d) Taking the bottle to a recycling center

The protection of natural resources is called
a) conservation
b) recycle
c) renewable resource

Water can be replaced naturally in a short period of time, so it is a(n)
a) conservation
b) recycle
c) renewable resource

Most of Earth's freshwater is found in which of the following?
a) air
b) lakes and ponds
c) ice near the poles
d) rivers and streams

A city located in a desert has winds that blow constantly. Which of the following would be considered a limited renewable resource in this city?
a) coal
b) wind
c) freshwater
d) solar energy

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