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Learning about different cultures will allow students to have productive interactions with people from other cultures because
a) it can be positive or negative to signify “good” or “bad” teachers
b) they will understand what is valued in that particular culture
c) they will teach tolerance to reduce discrimination
d) are not discriminated against

Teaching that draws on students’ life experiences to make instruction meaningful and to motivate students to engage with learning in the classroom and the school is called
a) Contextualized teaching and learning
b) Value-Added Measures
c) Deficit Model
d) Funds of knowledge

What is It is based on the knowledge and active use of students’ backgrounds and cultural experiences to create and implement curriculum, ensuring that all students are successful in school?
a) Funds of knowledge
b) Achievement Gap
c) Contextualized teaching and learning
d) Culturally Responsive Teaching

Which of these is NOT how to embrace diversity in the classroom?
a) Become familiar with your students’ backgrounds
b) Create strong classroom communities
c) Identify and overcome any personal biases
d) Send important school notices home in English only

Growth Measures are also known as____
a) Funds of knowledge
b) Deficit Model
c) Value-Added Measures
d) Contextualized Teaching and Learning

The knowledge students have about their background and community but mismatched with knowledge required to be successful in school is called
a) Contextualized Teaching and Learning
b) Value-Added Measures
c) Achievement Gap
d) Funds of knowledge

Teachers must be proactive in learning about students’ backgrounds because
a) It shows emotion
b) It shows respect
c) It shows intelligence
d) It shows disrespect

What is commonly used to describe the difference in achievement in school?
a) Value-Added Measures
b) Culturally Responsive Teaching
c) Achievement Gap
d) Deficit Model

What term focuses on what students cannot do and what they do not have?
a) Culturally Responsive Teaching
b) Deficit Model
c) Contextualized Teaching and Learning
d) Value-Added Measures

Racial and ethnic minority students have ____ chance of graduating from high school
a) 55%
b) 65%
c) 43%
d) 78%

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