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Self-defeating behaviors can stop you from reaching your...
a) compromises
b) goals
c) psychologists
d) phobias

A person who never seems to get along with others shows what kind of behavior?
a) Social
b) Unfair
c) Abnormal
d) Respectful

Who is a person that studies mental and behavioral characteristics?
a) Teacher
b) Counselor
c) Doctor
d) Psychologist

Eating disorders involved unrealistic emphasis on what?
a) Appearance
b) Anxiety
c) Stress
d) Delusions

Emotional well-being is the ability to handle problems and ____________ in daily life.
a) Cope
b) Appear
c) Stress
d) Breathe

People with high self-esteem are ______________ with themselves.
a) Abnormal
b) Comfortable
c) Stressed
d) Unfair

What is the best way to solve a conflict with another person?
a) Argument
b) Giving up
c) Compromise
d) Walking away

Communication, friendship and citizenship skills are all skills needed to strengthen which area of well-being?
a) Personal
b) Emotional
c) Social
d) Physcial

One was to keep a relationship healthy is to show you ______________ the other person.
a) Respect
b) Stress over
c) Lie to
d) Ignore

You use your system of values and beliefs to make ____________ that are right for you.
a) an appearnace
b) stressors
c) psychologists
d) decisions

The American with Disabilities Act prohibits the _______________ treatment of people with disabilities.
a) unfair
b) fair
c) respectful
d) kind

Which is not a healthy way to cope with stress?
a) Exercise regularly
b) Binge eat
c) Understand your emotions
d) Address your feelings

Which of these is something you cannot control?
a) Who your friends are
b) What you value
c) How you take care of your body
d) The actions of others

Suppose you notice warning signs of violence in a good friend. Which of these is not a person you should talk to first about the situation?
a) Coach
b) Teacher
c) Family member
d) Classmate

A person with high self-esteem feels that everything he or she does is _______________.
a) perfect
b) unworthy
c) valuable
d) underappreciated

One way to develop high self-esteem is to what?
a) Learn from your mistakes
b) Set high goals
c) Refuse to try new things
d) Avoid social situations

What is a healthy way to solve a problem?
a) Fight
b) Reach a compromise
c) Avoid the situation
d) Walk away

What is a healthy way to deal with stress?
a) Blame others for the stress
b) Work harder
c) Note how your actions add to the stress
d) Ignore your feelings

When telling a friend that his tardiness is annoying, what should you do?
a) Laugh as you send your message
b) Talk really loudly about it in front of them
c) Consider what you will say before you say it
d) Be disrespectful

Someone who _______________ may be exhibiting an abnormal behavior patter.
a) Gets along with others.
b) Volunteers in the community
c) Is late
d) Depends too much on others

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