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What is an example of professional standards?
a) Don't identify patient
b) Observe all safety precautions
c) Incorrect procedure precautions
d) Wrong opperation

If you have a living will, what does it consist of?
a) Who your money will go to when you die
b) If you are an organ doner
c) If you are donating your body to science
d) If you are unable to respond, it has your wishes of health care.

What is not malpractice?
a) Assault
b) Battery
c) Ignorance
d) Negligence

What does the HIPPA Act stand for
a) Information about the patient's illness or injury should be shared
b) The information about the patient that must remain private
c) Information that can be shared with any concerned personnel
d) The nurse can ask any doctor about symptoms when referring to the patient

Revealing private health information is an example of...
a) The HIPPA Act
b) Invasion of Privacy
c) Discretion
d) Secrecy

What are the four types of abuse?
a) Physical, Verbal, and Sociological
b) Physical, Philosophical, and Verbal
c) Psychological, Verbal,
d) Physical, Verbal, Sexual and Psychological

Health care records can be deleted
a) If there is a typo
b) True
c) If there is a mistake
d) False

What are health care records?
a) Records of health of the whole world only
b) Records of the patients past injuries and illnesses only
c) Records of the money spent on health care only
d) Records of care of the patient and can be used in the court of law

Doctors / Nurses can accept tips / bribes
a) False
b) True
c) Maybe
d) It depends on the situation

Which law is mainly affected by health care
a) Criminal Law
b) Civil Law

What's the definition of ethics?
a) A set of principles relating to what is morally right or wrong
b) Holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct.
c) The quality of being morally right or justifiable.

Which law focuses on legal relationships?
a) Criminal Law
b) Civil Law

Which of the following is an example of invasion of privacy
a) Asking to enter the room
b) Asking to bathe
c) Asking to change bed linens
d) Improperly draping or covering the patient

Failure to care for patient is an example of...
a) Negligence
b) Assault
c) Battery
d) Malpractice

What does OBRA do?
a) Long term care
b) Home health
c) Geriatric care
d) All of the above

What is the definition of Elder Abuse?
a) Abuse toward a child
b) Abuse towards the elderly
c) An intimate partner using threatening, agressive, violent behaviour to maintain control

Define Informed consent
a) Giving medications, bathing, and changing linens.
b) Refers to restraining individuals and / or their freedom
c) A permission granted voluntarily by the patient when all of the risks involved have been explained understandably.

What is an example of Slander?
a) Thinking badly about someone
b) Spreading rumours about another nurse.
c) Writing badly about someone in your diary
d) Tweeting rude things about someone

What's a false statement
a) Libel
b) Slander
c) Defamation
d) All of the above

What is psychological abuse?
a) Threatening harm, denying rights, intimidating, ridiculing
b) Speaking harshly, discrimination
c) Hitting, forcing people against their will
d) Intimate partner using threatening, aggressive, violent behaviour to maintain control

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