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Something used to put out fires in a building or home is called a:
a) police
b) poison
c) fire extinguisher
d) no smoking

High Voltage means:
a) The name of and energy drink
b) The name of a new band
c) Dangerous electricity

You see this sign by a gasoline pump:
a) Call your mother, its late
b) Popcorn and hot dogs for sale
c) No smoking!

Employees only means:
a) Workers only
b) Neighbors only
c) Cartoon characters only

Something that is harmful to your body and the environment is:
a) Your grandma's cooking
b) Leftovers from dinner
c) Hazardous waste

If you see an emergency exit you can use it anytime you wish
a) True
b) False

No admittance means
a) Come on in, everyone is welcome
b) Stay out, you are not allowed in

The police are people in the community to:
a) Protect you
b) Help you
c) Give you information/directions
d) All of the above

If something is flammable that means:
a) You should not eat it
b) It is very colorful
c) It can start a fire easily

No pedestrians means:
a) it is okay to walk here
b) do not walk here

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