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loess means
a) silt deposits
b) lava damage
c) air pollution
d) water erosion

China’s massive and rapid industrialization since the 1990s has resulted in:
a) significant and widespread air pollution
b) an end to the Communist Party
c) a decrease in water pollution
d) a decrease in international oil practices

What is the MAIN cause of China’s water and air pollution problems?
a) over population
b) global warming
c) Huang He flooding
d) lack of government regulations

Coal burning factories and increased automobile usage has caused the GREATEST increase in which of these?
a) air pollution
b) nuclear waste
c) soil depletion
d) deforestation

A recent air quality study conducted by the World Health Organization showed that 7 of 10 of the world’s most polluted cities are in China. What is the MOST LIKELY effect of such pollution on the people of China?
a) Respiratory and heart diseases related to air pollution are the leading causes of death in China
b) The Chinese population is moving from urban to rural areas to escape the pollution
c) The water sources of the nation are being severely damaged as a result of the air pollution
d) The Chinese government is cooperating with the United Nations to solve the air pollution

Which nation surpassed the United States as the world’s leading emitter of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in 2007?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Taiwan
d) Indonesia

Which of these the MOST LIKELY contributor to acid rain in China?
a) coal burning power plants
b) electric cars
c) cattle ranches
d) erosion from deforestation

The Yellow River (Huang He) is sometimes referred to as “China’s Sorrow”. What would be the BEST explanation for this sad nickname?
a) massive human and property loss over time
b) it is the site of the Communist Revolution in 1949
c) it has been re-routed to accomodate communism
d) it became dry after the construction of the Three Gorges Dam

n the Hindu religion, the Ganges River is considered holy, and ritual bathing in its waters is practiced by an estimated 60,000 people per day. What is the MOST LIKELY effect of this practice?
a) major health risks
b) increased tourism
c) government has passed laws
d) ethnic and religious wars

Which two Asian nations are facing the GREATEST problems with air pollution and water pollution?
a) India and China
b) China and Japan
c) India and Vietnam
d) Indonesia and North Korea

The Yellow River does not contain as many cities along its banks as other rivers in China. Why is this the case?
a) it is plagued by rapid currents and constant flooding
b) it is found almost entirely in a desert
c) it was re-routed by the Communist government in 1950
d) it was controlled by bad guys until 1949

Why do so many of the people in India live in the Ganges River Valley?
a) it is fertile for farming
b) because they really really really want to
c) because they really really really need to
d) because they really really really have no choice

a) yellow
b) green
c) red
d) black

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