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Digging into the mountains or underground to find natural resources
a) deforestation
b) mining
c) irrigation
d) desertification

Which of the following are characteristics of a more developed country
a) High GPD, High Life Expectancy, low IMR
b) Low IMR, Low GDP, High GPD
c) Low Life Expectancy, Low technology, Low electricity
d) High IMR, Low GDP, Low literacy rate

What physical process is occurring in the Sahel?
a) deforestation
b) flooding
c) a Great Rift
d) desertification

Which economic system has the most government control?
a) Socialism
b) Communism
c) Free Enterprise
d) Traditional

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Free Enterprise?
a) Government controls key industry
b) Profit motive
c) Choice
d) Private Property

Which of the following would be found in a limited government?
a) Government chooses candidate for citizens to vote
b) Government and citizens must obey the same laws
c) People can not change their government
d) Citizens have limited rights and freedoms

A country with an economy based on advanced technology would need to specialize in
a) land and labor
b) ship building and trading
c) education and training
d) manufacturing

A type of government where religious leaders control the government.
a) monarchy
b) dictator
c) democracy
d) theocracy

Southwest Asian countries are wealthy because they have
a) an abundance of ports for trade
b) farm land and commercial agriculture
c) natural resources, including oil
d) technology and education

Government controls key industries but businesses still make decisions
a) Socialism
b) Free Enterprise
c) Communism
d) Traditional

Shifts in the earth's plates that might destroy buildings
a) mining
b) deforestation
c) desertification
d) earthquakes

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