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Who warned the colonist about the British attacking?
a) Thurgood Marshall
b) Paul Revere
c) Lyndon B. Johnson
d) Franklin Roosevelt

Who is remembered for helping make sure children of different races could go to the same school?
a) Franklin D. Roosevelt
b) Cesar Chavez
c) Thurgood Marshall
d) Eleanor Roosevelt

He escaped to the North and became free from slavery. He gave speeches and fought for the rights of slaves. Who is it?
a) Cesar Chavez
b) Frederick Douglass
c) Thurgood Marshall
d) Lyndon B. Johnson

Who worked with the United Nations and helped write the Declaration of Human Rights?
a) Eleanor Roosevelt
b) Franklin Roosevelt
c) Susan B. Anthony
d) Thurgood Marshall

Who was known for fighting for the rights of migrant farm workers?
a) Thurgood Marshall
b) Paul Revere
c) Cesar Chavez
d) Frederick Douglass

Who provided a program called the New Deal?
a) Lyndon B. Johnson
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
d) Paul Revere

Who was responsible for the program known as the Great Society?
a) Paul Revere
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) Lyndon Johnson

Who was a slave that was also an abolitionist?
a) Thurgood Marshall
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Frederick Douglass
d) Mary McLeod Bethune

Who is best known for fighting for women's suffrage?
a) Thurgood Marshall
b) Mary McLeod Bethune
c) Susan B. Anthony
d) Eleanor Roosevelt

Who is best known for starting a school that was for African Americans?
a) Susan B. Anthony
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Mary McLeod Bethune
d) Frederick Douglass

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