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Which of the following is not a way that the views on women changed during the 1920s
a) Women could perform the work of men
b) Women could serve in the military
c) Women could vote in elections
d) Women could wear more revealing clothing as a way to rebel

In the United States, which of the following characterized the decade of the 1920s?
a) A willingness to encourage immigration to the United States
b) A set of major reforms in national labor legislation
c) An increase in consumer borrowing and spending
d) The active involvement of the United States in European affairs

What has been the impact of authors such as, Jacob Riis, Upton Sinclair, or Ida Tarbell on American History?
a) These works have had significant influence on social, political, and economic reforms
b) Most Americans have developed a preference for escapist and romance literature
c) Most American authors have adopted a conservative viewpoint
d) American business has corrected poor conditions quickly

What famous trial involves hypothetical monkeys?
a) Tennessee vs. John Scopes
b) Sacco and Vanzetti vs. Massachusetts
c) Scottsboro Boys Trial
d) Illinois vs. Leopold and Loeb

What term supports this quote: “The business of America is business. Let businesses be.”
a) banking regulation
b) higher taxes
c) democratic socialism
d) laissez-faire

Which of the following events best support the 1920's as a decade of nativism?
a) The passage of the immigration quotas and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.
b) The Washington Naval Conference and the Kellogg-Briand Pact.
c) The growth of the auto industry and the Teapot Dome Affair.
d) The Scopes “Monkey Trial” and the passage of women’s suffrage.

Which statement would a muckraker express and fight for
a) Poor immigrants in big cities are living in horrible conditions.
b) Big businesses should be allowed to do whatever it takes to make more money.
c) Government will only improve when women are never given fulll suffrage.
d) The government should not get involved in making sure food is safe for consumption.

Which idea did President Hoover belief was the best way to solve the Great Depression?
a) Creating government job programs for the unemployed
b) nationalizing major industries
c) relying mostly on private businesses and individual effort to improve economic conditions
d) requiring business to pay a minimum wage to workers

Which of the following statements is true about the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt?
a) Roosevelt was more willing to use government intervention to solve economic problems
b) Roosevelt was unwilling to allow government agencies to establish job programs
c) Roosevelt was able to ignore economic issues for most of his first term in office
d) Roosevelt was unable to win congressional support for his economic programs

What has been a lasting result of the New Deal in the United States?
a) The control of stock prices by the national government
b) The reduction of the national debt
c) The joint effort of business and labor to strengthen the Presidency
d) The assumption by the national government of greater responsibility for the nation's well-being

Why did the Stock Market crash in 1929?
a) Buying on Credit
b) The US government used a hands-off approach in American business
c) Over speculation
d) Rock and roll music became popular

In the 1930s, the enactment of New Deal programs demonstrated which of the following?
a) The federal government must concern itself with the people's economic well-being
b) The United States Constitution is not relevant to 20th Century life
c) Corporations were best left to operate without government interference
d) State governments should give up control over commerce inside their states

What was the purpose of legislative acts such as, The US Forest Service, Meat Inspection Act, or Department of Labor being establish?
a) To advance the growth of big business
b) to promote the general well being of the American public
c) To protect the nation's natural resources
d) To improve conditions for recent immigrants to the United States

Headlines such as, Pubic Ignores Prohibition Restriction, Evolution and Creation Debated in Scopes Trial, and Women Bring Change to the Industrial Workforce, demonstrate what?
a) A trend towards mass consumption of consumer goods
b) A debate over the role of government in the economy
c) A conflict between traditional and modern values
d) A hostility of certain groups toward ethnic minorities

What is most likely the cause of the election results of 1932? (Roosevelt won by landslide)
a) The Republican Party's popularity had been declining for several elections
b) It is difficult to defeat a currently serving president
c) Franklin Roosevelt had more business experience than Herbert Hoover
d) Most voters blamed President Hoover for the Great Depression

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