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What does the word civility mean?
a) caring about other people and helping them
b) being polite and showing respect to others
c) being able to wait without becoming angry
d) being able to talk to others well

The word compassion means
a) being able to wait without becoming angry
b) always telling the truth
c) being polite to others
d) caring about other people and helping them

To be elected means
a) people chose you for a job by voting for you
b) people volunteered your name to do a job
c) to go to jail
d) to volunteer for a job yourse.f

What is a volunteer?
a) a person who gets paid a little money to do a job.
b) a person who keeps peace
c) a person who is the boss
d) a person who does a job without pay

Keeping the water in rivers and lakes clean is good for
a) human rights
b) the government
c) the economy
d) the environment

The word rural means
a) a town
b) a large city
c) a place with more farms and fewer stores
d) a smaller city

Which elected offices did Jimmy Carter hold?
a) state senator
b) governor of Georgia
c) president of the United States
d) all of the above

Jimmy Carter grew up
a) in a big city in Georgia
b) on a rural farm in Georgia
c) in another country
d) in South Carolina

Jimmy Carter wanted all people to have
a) a big house and two cars
b) a college education
c) an education, a job, equal rights
d) a good job with a very high salary

Jimmy Carter won
a) first place in a baseball contest
b) Nobel Peace Prize only
c) Presidential Medal of Freedom only
d) Both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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