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Karma is
a) the sum effect of one's actions during life
b) being reborn into another life
c) the relationship between Rama and Sita
d) the continious pattern of life and death

Which of these is most widely practiced in Japan?
a) Shintoism
b) Buddhism
c) Confucianism
d) Islam

Where would highest concentration of Buddhists be?
a) China
b) Inida
c) Saudi Arabia
d) United States

Life is full of suffering, the desire for possessions causes suffering, elimination of desire will stop one's suffering, and following the Eightfold path will lead to Enlightenment. All of these are key beliefs of:
a) Buddhism
b) Confucianism
c) Hinduism
d) Shintoism

a) red
b) yellow
c) green
d) orange

What do Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taosism have in common?
a) They are major Asian belief systems
b) They were all ofunded in China
c) They all began in the Middle East
d) They died out by the 17th century

What is a key difference betwen Muslims and Hindus?
a) Hindus believe in many manifestations of god
b) Muslims accepted caste differences
c) Hindus thought all people were equal
d) Muslims believe that there was more than one god

In Hinduism, a perosn's dharma, or set of spiritual duties and obligations is based on
a) dedication to Vishnu
b) the Bible
c) bad karma
d) the caste system

A chart showing you countries, the major religion, and the percentage of the population that believes that religion is probably showing you:
a) religious diversity
b) economic diversity
c) ethnic diversity
d) geographical divrsity

a) black
b) white
c) gray
d) purple

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