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What agreement set a border at the 36th parallel in the Louisiana Purchase, where all territory North would slavery be prohibited, and in territory South slavery would be allowed?
a) Rush-Bagot Agreement
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Gibbons v. Ogden
d) Monroe Doctrine

What treaty forced the British and Americans to limit their naval forces located on the Great Lakes?
a) Convention of 1818
b) Treaty of Ghent
c) Adams-Onis Treaty
d) Rush-Bagot Agreement

What treaty with Spain set the border of the Louisiana Purchase, gave the U.S Florida, Spain Texas, and the U.S had to pay damages to Spain for $5 million?
a) Convention of 1818
b) Adams-Onis Treaty
c) Monroe Doctrine
d) Rush-Bagot Agreement

What is the term for feelings of pride to your own country?
a) Sectionalism
b) Countrism
c) Nationalism
d) Unitism

What agreement set the border between the U.S and British Canada at the 49th parallel and gave fishing rights on the Great Lakes to both America and Britain?
a) Rush-Bagot Agreement
b) Convention of 1818
c) Canadian Land Treaty
d) Treaty of Ghent

What document was a statement insisting that European countries were no longer allowed to colonize or interfere with free nations in North and South America, or America would intervene?
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Monroe Doctrine
c) Convention of 1818
d) Treaty of Ghent

What was the name for the time period between 1815 and 1825 where America experienced peace, pride, and progress under President James Monroe?
a) The Great Peace
b) Era of Good Feelings
c) Era of Peace, Pride, and Progress
d) Monroe Doctrine

What Supreme Court case established the National Bank of the U.S was constitutional?
a) Gibbons v. Ogden
b) Marbury v. Madison
c) Rush vs. Bagot
d) McCulloch v. Maryland

In which treaty did Andrew Jackson force the Natives to agree to give up much of their land, and effectively ending their involvement in the war?
a) Treaty of Fort Jackson
b) Treaty of Ghent
c) Treaty of Tippecanoe
d) Treaty of Paris

What was the name of the Treaty that ended the War of 1812, even though it did not solve many of the original problems?
a) Treaty of Fort Jackson
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) Treaty of Ghent

At what battle did Sir Francis Scott Key write the poem that would become the Star Spangled Banner
a) Fort McHenry
b) Fort Mims
c) Fort Jackson
d) Battle of Lake Erie

What was the name of the meeting of New England Federalists during the War of 1812 who wanted to amend the Constitutional process for declaring war and were overall against the war with the British?
a) Essex Junto
b) Hartford Convention
c) Treaty of Fort Jackson
d) Seneca Falls Convention

What American General led the Americans in the Battle of New Orleans where he won a major battle against the British, even though the war was technically over?
a) William Henry Harrison
b) William Hull
c) Oliver Hazard Perry
d) Andrew Jackson

Who was an influential Native leader who fought for his people, and tried to unite the different tribes only to later be killed in battle?
a) The Prophet
b) Powhatan
c) Tecumseh
d) Sacagawea

What external (outside the U.S) problem with the British was a cause of the War of 1812?
a) Britain's dangerous alliance with other European countries
b) British interference with American trade ships, by searching them and seizing goods and people
c) British monopoly of trade with other countries
d) British fighting the Barbary Pirates

What internal (within the U.S) problem with the British was one of the causes of the War of 1812?
a) They were allied with the Native Americans and supplying them with weapons and troops
b) They cut off American access to the Great Lakes
c) They were invading American territory near Canada
d) They tried to assassinate President Madison

What President officially declared war against the British in 1812?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) James Monroe
c) James Madison
d) John Adams

What group allied with the British against the Americans in the War of 1812?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Native Americans
d) Netherlands

What Supreme Court Case stated that only the United States government can regulate trade?
a) Gibbons v. Ogden
b) McCulloch v. Maryland
c) Plessy v. Ferguson
d) Marbury v. Madison

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