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How are innate immunity and acquired immunity different?
a) innate immunity is specific defense against pathogens and acquired is nonspecific defense
b) innate immunity is nonspecific defense against pathogens and acquired immunity is specific defense
c) innate immunity only defends against bacterial pathogens and acquired immunity only defends against viral pathogens
d) innate immunity only defends against viral pathogens and acquired immunity only fights against bacterial pathogens

In the innate immune system, what is the name of the 20-30 proteins that enhances the ability of phagocytes and antibodies to fight pathogens?
a) interferons
b) fever
c) inflammatory response
d) complement system

What is the result of histamine in the inflammatory response?
a) blood flow increased to injured area
b) permeability of surrounding capillaries of the injured area is increased
c) white blood cells are attracted to the injured area and diffuse through the capillaries
d) all of the above

What type of disease cannot be transferred to other organisms?
a) diseases cause by pathogens
b) noninfectious diseases
c) infectious diseases
d) none of the above

Which of the following is not an example of an external defense of the innate immune system?
a) inflammatory response
b) skin as a physical barrier
c) skin releases substances that are toxic to many pathogens
d) mucous membranes secrete mucus that traps pathogens

What part of innate immunity limits the reproduction of viruses?
a) interferons
b) B cells
c) cytotoxic T cells
d) helper T cells

Which of the following are functions of the lymphatic system?
a) provide return route for plasma not reabsorbed by capillaries
b) transport white blood cells for defense in the immune system
c) all of the above
d) none of the above

Which of the following is not a lymphatic organ in humans?
a) thymus
b) lymphatic pump
c) lymph node
d) bone marrow

What is any agent that causes and infectious disease?
a) cancer
b) disease
c) pathogen
d) phagocyte

What is the correct pairing?
a) cell-mediated immune response - B cells
b) cell-mediated immune response - cytotoxic T cells
c) humoral immune response - cytotoxic T cells
d) none of the above

What is a solution of dead or weakened pathogens?
a) antigen
b) antibody
c) vaccine
d) plasma cell

What is hypersensitivity of the immune system to harmless foreign substances called?
a) hyperimmunity
b) fever
c) autoimmune disease
d) allergies

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