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Wo ist das Auto?
a) Where is the car?
b) Where is the school?
c) What time is it?
d) How old are you?

a) Tuesday
b) Monday
c) Morning
d) My

Wie alt bist Du?
a) How old are you?
b) How tall are you?
c) How big are you?
d) How are you?

Wie geht es Dir?
a) Where are you from?
b) What is your name?
c) How are you?
d) How old are you?

Sprechen Sie English?
a) Do you speak English?
b) Are you from England?
c) Do we speak English?
d) Do you know English?

Guten Morgan
a) Goodnight
b) Good morning
c) Hello
d) Yes

a) Thank You
b) Goodbye
c) Hello
d) Good Evening

Bitte sehr
a) That is great
b) It is sunny
c) You are welcome
d) No

Was is Dein Name?
a) How old are you?
b) Where do you live?
c) What is your name?
d) Do you like to eat ice cream?

Ich verstehe Dich nicht
a) I don't care
b) I don't understand you
c) I don't like it
d) I understand

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