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Which mascot best represents your school?
a) pirate
b) patriot
c) buccaneer
d) marauder

What is the name of the district that employs you?
a) Garland
b) Wylie
c) Dallas
d) Plano

Chris Woods has an awesome wife.
a) True
b) False

Which famous Texas Ranger was photographed punching an opponent?
a) Nolan Ryan
b) Yu Darvish
c) Ivan Rodriguez
d) Chris Woods

Who won the Super Bowl MVP award?
a) Peyton Manning
b) Cam Newton
c) Tony Romo
d) Von Miller

Mark Cuban owns this basketball franchise.
a) Denver Nuggets
b) Atlanta Hawks
c) Dallas Mavericks
d) Houston Rockets

Which team won the Super Bowl?
a) Carolina Panthers
b) Denver Broncos
c) Dallas Cowboys
d) Baltimore Ravens

Which actor is known for his role as Forrest Gump?
a) Tom Hanks
b) Jerry O'Connell
c) Fred Savage
d) Bob Dylan

Name a popular Wylie expression.
a) Gig 'Em
b) Wreck 'Em
d) Saw 'Em Off

Spring Break can't come fast enough.
a) True
b) False

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