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What makes leaves look green?
a) Protein
b) Oxygen
c) Sugar
d) Chlorophyll

Spores produce flowers.
a) False, flowers comes from seeds.
b) True, spores are planted and flowers grow.
c) False, flowers come from cones
d) True, and spores are developed in flowers too.

Stems are responsible for the following EXCEPT
a) supporting the plant.
b) holding the leaves up to the light.
c) taking up water and nutrients from the soil.
d) containing the vascular tube structures.

Where are stomata located?
a) On the under-side of the leaf.
b) In the chloroplast.
c) At the tip of the root.
d) Beside the flower of the plant.

The largest group in the plant kingdom are vascular plants. These are plants that
a) do not have xylem or phloem.
b) have true roots, stems, and leaves.
c) have cell to cell transportation of water.
d) do not have true roots, stems, or leaves.

When a plant breaks down food so that it can be used, this is called________.
a) respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) transpiration
d) respiratory

Transpiration is
a) when a plant uses excess water.
b) when a plant releases excess water.
c) when a plant sends excess water to the roots.
d) when a plant absorbs excess water.

What part of the flower is the fruit?
a) The part that keeps the flower closed.
b) The part that holds the flower up.
c) The part that pollinates the flower.
d) The part that protects the seeds.

Guard cells are in charge of
a) doing photosynthesis.
b) opening and closing the stomata.
c) guarding the cell.
d) watching over the leaves to make sure nothing eats it.

The process of a plant making ________ is called photosynthesis.
a) water
b) oxygen
c) food
d) chlorophyll

Cones and flowers are found on the same tree.
a) True, flowers are female and cones are male.
b) False, trees either have flowers or cones.
c) True, flowers come from cones.
d) False, flowers grow after cones fall off the tree.

Why are chloroplasts necessary to plants?
a) Oxygen and sugar makes energy in chloroplasts.
b) Water is made in chloroplasts.
c) Photosynthesis happens in chloroplasts.
d) Sunlight comes from chloroplasts.

The type of plants that do not have a vascular transport system and are usually found near water are called
a) conifers
b) non-vascular
c) vascular
d) chloroplasts

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