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What is Allegra about to do?
a) perform her favorite dance routine
b) play the piano
c) play at a musical rehearsal
d) perform before a million people

To what does Allegra compare her mind?
a) a piano
b) a chute
c) a box
d) her music

Which statement best expresses a theme of the story?
a) Possessions can awaken pleasant memories.
b) Focus and determination are essential for success.
c) Imagination can inspire the emotion behind music.
d) Family bonds require regular effort to remain strong.

The author’s repetition of Allegra taking “a medium-size breath” in lines 30 through 31, 40, and 49 helps to create a feeling of
a) agitation before performing
b) release in finally performing
c) controlled focus during her performance
d) patience in persisting through her performance

Read these sentences from lines 62 and 63. - I looked down at the scroll of my violin. It’s like a seashell, as if there’s such a story inside that you could never find out all of it. - The simile suggests that Allegra
a) appreciates her violin as full of possibility for the music she creates with it
b) wishes she could unleash the secrets her violin hides from her
c) relies on her violin for inspiration during performances
d) respects her violin’s beauty and craftsmanship

In line 41, the narrator compares the musical notes to “flickerings of flame from the candle” to show that the sounds are
a) strong and powerful
b) gentle and delicate
c) quick and changeable
d) sad and brief

Based on lines 27 through 31, which statement best explains how the photograph helps Allegra?
a) It inspires a vision that prepares her for performing the music.
b) It reminds her that her great-grandmother was a teenage musician like her.
c) It provides a memory that creates a mood of disappointment.
d) It prompts her to recall a pleasant time composing music with her great-grandmother.

Why does Allegra think of Alice in Wonderland in lines 20 through 23?
a) The size of the room makes her feel extremely small.
b) She is so nervous that she feels as if she might be shrinking.
c) She feels uncomfortable with the jury behind the line of screens.
d) The boy before her makes her feel unsure because of his skillful playing.

Lines 1 through 8 contribute to the reader’s understanding of the story by
a) allowing the reader to immediately understand Allegra’s state of mind
b) sharing with the reader the frustration Allegra feels before the performance
c) emphasizing how important it is for Allegra to empty her mind of all thoughts
d) suggesting that Allegra’s surroundings are less important than her feelings

Who came and got Allegra to walk down the hall and stairs?
a) The mail carrier
b) Her teacher
c) The envelope woman
d) Her performing art teacher

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