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The unique combination of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that make you different from everyone else.
a) personality
b) demeanor
c) attitude
d) relationships

A mental health professional who is trained and licensed by the state to perform therapy.
a) Clinical Social Worker (CSW)
b) Therapist
c) Psychiatrist
d) Psychologist

Strategies that help people deal with strong emotions.
b) Defense Mechanisms

The sorrow caused by the loss of a loved one.
a) stressor
b) grief
c) depression
d) anxiety

Anything that causes stress
a) grief
b) peers
c) stressor
d) parents

A psychological condition that affects a person's ability to interact normally with others.
a) depression
b) anxiety
c) stress
d) Personality Disorder

Which of the following may keep you from doing the things you want or need to do?
a) Displacement
b) Mild Anxiety
c) Fear of Failure
d) Jealousy

Which of the following is NOT one of the three main emotional needs?
a) The need to belong
b) The need to make a difference
c) The need to be ignored
d) The need to love and be loved

A medical doctor with a specialty in the treatment of mental health problems.
a) Clinical Social Worker (CSW)
b) Psychologist
c) Family Therapy
d) Psychiatrist

Counseling that seeks to improve troubled family relationships.
a) Clinical Social Worker (CSW)
b) Psychologist
c) Family Therapy
d) Psychiatrist

Which of the following is not one of the common emotions that we all can feel?
a) Exhilaration
b) Sympathy
c) Anger
d) Fear

A person with a bipolar disorder _________________.
a) Experiences cycles of extreme high and low periods.
b) Always has a lot of energy.
c) Experiences cycles of fear and anxiety around various specific objects.
d) Usually have very little energy.

Therapy _______________
a) Is something that's needed only by people who are crazy.
b) Is something that teaches you different ways of thinking or behaving.
c) Is not something that can help you deal with problems because your problems cannot be solved.
d) Is a sign that you're weak because you can't deal with your problems on your own.

Which is not one of the items listed as a warning sign of suicide?
a) Life-changing events
b) Withdrawal from friends, family, and regular activities.
c) Self destructive behavior
d) A sudden fascination with the topic of death.

Which of the following is not a good skill for managing stress?
a) Laughter
b) Denial
c) Time management
d) Relaxation

What is a grief reaction?
a) The process of ending a difficult relationship.
b) The process of getting out of a difficult situation.
c) The process of dealing with strong feelings following any loss.
d) The process of dealing with strong feelings following a big achievement.

What is major depression?
a) The periods of sadness experienced by most teens.
b) Thusual periods of sadness that people feel from time to time.
c) A very serious mood disorder in which people lose interest in life and can no longer find enjoyment in anything.
d) A mood disorder in which people are extremely happy and have high energy no matter what happens to them.

All of the following are examples of the intense (extreme) effects of excessive stress except:
a) Giving away prized possessions
b) Headaches
c) Withdrawal from social contacts
d) Feeling anxious

Of the following, which is NOT a form of defense mechanism?
a) Sympathy
b) Denial
c) Sublimation
d) Displacement

What is an anxiety disorder?
a) A condition in which someone experiences anxiety or fear
b) A condition in which intense anxiety or fear keeps a person from functioning normally
c) A condition in which someone experiences the anxiety or fear of other people.
d) A condition in which intense anxiety or fear helps a person function better

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